What We Do

lee_familyLee Residential Care, LLC is a family owned and operated Agency that contracts through the Department of Health and Human Services to provide Home and Community Based support through the office of Adults with Cognitive and Physical Disabilities. Services are provided in Penobscot County, Region III under Maincare Section 21 Waiver level services. Lee Residential Care, LLC provides a safe healthy environment for adults with intellectual disabilities to work on and achieve their life goals no matter how big or small. Each person receiving services in a Residential two person group home, Shared Living or supported living has a team of professionals supporting them to achieve their maximum potential. Currently Lee Residential Care, LLC operates two person unlicensed homes with 24/7 staff support in the Bangor/Hampden areas. Other services that can be provided are Shared Living, Supported Living and Crisis intervention services.
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  • Coordinate Medical, Dental, Psychiatric and Therapy services
  • Medication administration
  • Community Inclusion activities
  • Encourage and support employment opportunities
  • Development of social skills
  • Self Advocacy skills
  • Coordinate/Facilitate Person Centered Plan 

At Lee Residential Care we take every experience and utilize it as teaching moment. Life skills such as meal preparation, nutrition, personal hygiene, money management, boundaries, communication and independence skills are some of the areas focused on.


Residential Living

  • Two person group homes
  • 24/7 rotating staff support
  • Staff aids each person to achieve their individual goals

Supported Living

  • In-home support
  • Geared towards individual's goals and support needs
  • Flexible support hours