Deborah Kelley, DSP, CRMA

debbieI have had many different jobs, I never imagined working in this field as a Direct Support. However, since joining the team nearly two years ago I have enjoyed helping and watching milestones being achieved. Goals that can be small or large and taking the steps needed to be successful. This position can be challenging at times but the rewards are far greater. I enjoy the people I work with and making a difference in others lives.


Jenny Day, DSP, CRMA

JennyI have been working for Lee Residential for three years. I enjoy teaching skills and watching the progress. I have seen consumers grow in different stages, I have learned to observe actions of others and find the meaning of the actions. I have enjoyed working with a team to help another person be able to live their life to the fullest. I personally have been rewarded in many ways by this employment opportunity.


Tonya R.


Hi, My name is Tonya. I live at Lee Residential Care with a housemate and amazing staff! They treat me like family. I get to make choices, and work on my life goals. I have become more independent with encouragement and support of my staff. This is the best Agency ever! I can be me.


Jaimmie E.


I live in a group home with a roommate and staff, I love my home. We have a lot of fun, I grew a great garden and the staff helped me. I have a job now and go to day program, I have made a lot of friends. I have a pet guinea pig named Marley and fish that I like to take care of. My staff helps me to be able to volunteer at the Humane Society, paws on parade and the folk festival. I like to be busy and staff supports me. I learn new things all the time. Karen, Linden and my staff are like a second family.


Residential Living

  • Two person group homes
  • 24/7 rotating staff support
  • Staff aids each person to achieve their individual goals

Supported Living

  • In-home support
  • Geared towards individual's goals and support needs
  • Flexible support hours