Residential Living

The Residential model provides 24 hours/day, rotating staff. Qualified professional staff provide home and community supports for two individuals in an unlicensed home. Services are provided with a high quality standard of meeting each individual's personal goals. The DSP/CRMA provides direct support including but not limited to.

  • Medication administration
  • Assistance with personal hygiene
  • Maintaining health and safety
  • Meal preparation or assistance
  • Team approach to goals/needs/desires
  • Medical appointment management
  • Transportation
  • Community inclusion activities
  • Emotional support

Residential Living

  • Two person group homes
  • 24/7 rotating staff support
  • Staff aids each person to achieve their individual goals

Supported Living

  • In-home support
  • Geared towards individual's goals and support needs
  • Flexible support hours