Residential Living

  • Two person group homes
  • 24/7 rotating staff support
  • Staff aids each person to achieve their individual goals

Supported Living

  • In-home support
  • Geared towards individual's goals and support needs
  • Flexible support hours


Lee Residential Care, LLC was founded June, 2008 by Karen M. Lee RN.  Lee Residential Care is a social services agency providing residential and community supports for adults with cognitive and physical disabilities.  This agency is family owned and operated.

Mission Statement:  To offer the highest quality, caring, professional environment to persons with cognitive and physical disabilities in a family/staff/peer supported environment.  Each individual's goals will be met to their maximum potential encouraging independence, success, and community inclusion. 

Vision:  We are a smaller agency that has been progressively growing.  Lee Residential Care's goals are to continue growth, however, staying as a smaller agency to enable individual consumer focused care.  With a goal that is not on the number of persons served but the quality of services provided.